Right and Rewarding Career for All, Through Purpose-Oriented Upskilling

We address Five problems.

1. Upskilling / Higher Education without proper plan and Purpose does not guarantee a right career

2. Only less than 5% of online courses get completed. Hybrid is the new norm.

3. Upskilling and reskilling for working professionals can be a nightmare without expert help.

4. Unverified skills and identity makes hiring ineffective

5. Companies find it increasingly difficult and expensive to source assess and retain right talent


Our on-the-job trainings ensure pre-placement for jobseekers..!

At Neuralog, we believe that upskilling is a continuous process that requires intentional learning and development. We offer a wide range of courses, certifications, and mentorship programs that can help you acquire new skills or enhance your existing ones.

Our training centers are located across India, making it easy for you to find a center near you.

The skills you acquire through Neuralog framework are verified on the NEURAHIRE - talent intelligence platform, which helps you get world class jobs.

We make it easier for companies to identify right talent and engage with them via job fairs powered by our talent intelligence platform.

Hire through Neuralog

Hiring can be either cost intensive or time intensive, or both.!
Our process has helped many a organizations, small and large, have reduced the average hiring cost and time by almost 90%. Let's work together to ensure effective Easy and efficient hiring...!

Neuralog by Neurahire

Recruitment on Scale

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On-the-job Training

Mass Hiring

Niche Hiring

Upskilling Programs
Placement Consulting for Campuses

Dedicated Placement Services for Jobseekers
Career Branding and Orientation Services

Consulting Services

State of the art Hiring Infrastructure - Neurahire


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